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ARA Fleet Optimization Blog Post

Snow ball Run! Stop lo$ing idle time

Feb 05, 2021

Agronomic and machine data collected across your entire fleet, in real-time, will start your own snowball effect -- first with logistics and then small wins like reducing an hour or two in idle time per day. And then watch it gain speed, because data will tell your own fleet performance story resulting in more acres covered in a week and a leaner, meaner fleet at the end of the year.

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ARA Fleet Optimization Blog Post

Fine tune fleet performance + ROI

Feb 02, 2021

Ag retailers now have the opportunity to not only monitor a full-fleet LIVE on a single screen, but they can derive detailed insights about the performance of their application and tender fleet and convert data into cost savings, operational efficiencies and potentially incremental revenue.

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ag labor

ARA Successfully Lobbied for an Exception for Certain H-2 South African Workers

Jan 29, 2021

ARA successfully lobbied Congress and the Biden administration on a national interest exemption for certain H-2 travelers from South Africa along with other national and state ag groups.

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Jack Eberspacher Lifetime Achievement Award

The Scoop: Tradition Holds True For ARA Awards Recognition

Jan 22, 2021

As ARA ushers in 2021, we have taken a moment to reflect on the good that came of 2020—the year that will not be forgotten. For the first time ever, the ARA Conference & Expo was held virtually. As an association, we committed to bringing you the same top-notch content and experience that you would have expected of the in-person event. If you missed participating in the conference, then registration is still available to view all sessions’ recordings.

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ARA Fleet Optimization

ARA Works with Farmobile to Optimize Profitability in the Ag-Food Supply Chain

Jan 21, 2021

ARA today announced it is working with ARA member company Farmobile to further its mission — to support members in their quest to maintain a profitable business environment, adapt to a changing world and preserve their freedom to operate. The goal of the collaboration is to support agricultural retailers in getting the absolute most revenue out of one of the biggest line items in their P&Ls — their commercial fleet.

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White House

ARA Ready to Work with Biden Administration on Key Ag Retail Issues

Jan 20, 2021

Today, ARA President and CEO Daren Coppock released the following statement following the swearing-in of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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ARA-Farmobile Fleet Optimization

Is Your Machine Data Driving Fleet Performance? IF NOT, WHY NOT?

Jan 14, 2021

Since the mid-90s with the emergence of yield monitors and variable rate technology, the ag industry has focused, almost exclusively, on agronomic data. The truth is, now there’s another powerful data set waiting to be leveraged — machine collected-data. This is data visible in real-time, accessible 24/7 and available for immediate, deep dive future fleet analysis.

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CoBank 2021 Year Ahead Outlook Report

2021 Year Ahead Report – Forces That Will Shape the U.S. Rural Economy (Sponsored Content)

Jan 12, 2021

The CoBank 2021 Year Ahead Outlook Report examines 10 key factors that will shape agriculture and market sectors that serve rural communities throughout the U.S. Learn more about the 2021 outlook from CoBank’s Knowledge Exchange.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus

Helpful Links on COVID-19

Jan 07, 2021

Information, guidance and resources to be used to help agricultural retailers and distributors continue operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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White House

ARA Attends Virtual Roundtable with EPA Administrator Nominee

Jan 05, 2021

ARA President and CEO Daren Coppock participated in a virtual roundtable as a member of the Ag CEO Council on Jan. 5 with EPA Administrator nominee Michael Regan.

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