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2021 ARA Rising Stars Share What Leadership in Ag Means to Them

Dec 02 2021

The 2021 ARA Rising Stars created videos telling what leadership in agriculture means to them. These Rising Stars were nominated by their company for their achievements and were honored at the annual ARA Conference & Expo. 


About the Rising Stars Video Contest

ARA Rising Stars is a program sponsored by Atticus that serves as a vehicle for ARA member companies to recognize and develop their emerging leaders for going above and beyond to serve their customers. Once accepted, the 2021 ARA Rising Stars submitted videos for a chance to be the winner of a trip to visit the Atticus headquarters in North Carolina.

Winning Video

Congratulations to Erin Harden, precision ag coordinator with Southern States Co-op, for her winning video! View her video, which was selected by Atticus, for her perspective. 


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Brandy Devader, Director of Business Administration with J.B. Pearl & Sales & Service
Ben Etsinger, Regional Sales Manager with Rantizo
Mitch Fondell, Regional Sales Manager with Growers Edge
Lindsay Hembree, Project Manager with CDMS Inc. / Proagrica
Jeff Hunter, Southern Regional Manager, Buttonwillow Warehouse Company
Kendra Meisgeier, Precision Ag Specialist, River Valley Cooperative
Cindy Warren, Vice President of Operations, CommoditAg
Angie White, Farrell Growth Group
Karl Wyant, Vice President of Ag Science, Heliae Agriculture