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Carbon Markets and the Role of the Ag Retailer

Oct 12 2021

Agricultural soil carbon markets have taken the industry by storm, offering a win-win situation whereby farmers are rewarded for their stewardship and corporations seeking to account for their emissions can invest directly in climate impact.

Beyond the Hype & Headlines

Beyond the hype and headlines, however, lie the logistical realities of the situation. How does the industry enable widescale transformation of agricultural practices to reliably supply this growing new market?

How do we manage the data on which our credibility as an industry depends? How do we incent new practice change while respecting those early adopters who weathered the challenges in the absence of immediate rewards? And what role could (or should) ag retailers play in this transformation?

Carbon Markets Session

Join Truterra President Jason Weller for insights into these and other questions as he discusses Truterra’s experiences rolling out their carbon program alongside their Truterra Ag Retailer Network during the opening keynote session titled Carbon Markets and he Role of the Ag Retailer at the 2021 ARA Conference & Expo on Dec. 1. 

More Insights at ARA's Conference

The 2021 ARA Conference & Expo is confirmed to take place in person Nov. 30 through Dec. 2 in San Antonio, Texas. In addition to carbon markets, event attendees will participate in sessions on:

  • Offering Sustainability Services to Growers: the MFA Experience; 
  • Defining the Value of Service led by Farrell Growth Group's Brad Oelmann;
  • Farmer Buying Decisions & Attitudes with Purdue University's Dr. Allan Gray; and
  • COVID-19 Business Practices: Temporary & Permanent Changes as told by ag retailers.

Attendees will also network with industry peers and explore the Expo Hall to see the latest advancements in technology, crop protection, and more. 



About Truterra

Truterra, the sustainability program of farmer-owned cooperative Land O’Lakes, brings agronomic insights and industry connections to farmers so they can protect and restore their land and unlock its deeper value. In February 2021, Truterra launched its first soil carbon offset program with Microsoft as the first buyer. Truterra continues to work with its network of retailers and their customers, along with value chain players in the food sector, to lead the way in scaling the supply of carbon and other ecosystem services credit offerings while helping farmers improve the long-term profitability and resiliency of their land.