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Conference Keynote Kaihan Krippendorff's Message to Ag Retail

Nov 04 2020

How is it that some companies are able to continually pivot their strategy, transform, and then pursue new growth ideas?

Known for his ability to turn difficult concepts into easy-to-understand ideas that drive meaningful outcomes and actions, Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff will tackle this question through the lens of the ag retailer during the 2020 ARA Conference & Expo

Kaihan will lead a keynote address entitled "Outthink the Competition: The Future of Ag Retail" the morning of Dec. 1 and build on his message in an interactive workshop held later in the afternoon. 

After participating in both his keynote message and workshop, attendees will learn:

  • How to use The Outthinker Process® to generate powerful ideas that drive bottom-line results across all business levels;
  • How to find a "Fourth Option" or the option beyond the obvious choices and that others will not see or respond to;
  • The Outthinker playbook: five strategic narratives to master now;
  • A simple approach to avoid killing off "crazy" ideas and instead turn them into winning moves;
  • How to build a culture of Outthinking that celebrates fresh, strategic and innovative ideas and thinking; and
  • How to empower and inspire your team so that they are ready to take action to develop, test and scale innovative growth ideas.

Attend the virtual 2020 ARA Conference & Expo to learn new approaches from Kaihan and the rest of the speaker lineup that drive growth, foster innovation, and set yourself apart from the competition. No travel costs means you can send more of your team, especially those who are not usually able to attend in person, to learn and network at the premier event in ag retail. 

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