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Improving yield and efficiency with year-round planning

Oct 12 2022

Planning isn’t a one and done task—it’s a year-round opportunity to improve yield and efficiency. Everything that happens during the growing season informs how you can better tackle future seasons. When it comes to improving year-round planning, you need to see the big picture.

Whether you’re determining which seed to plant, which inputs to use, or heading out for harvest, Taranis crop intelligence puts every field at your fingertips with precision insights. These insights enable you to make more informed, timely decisions, help your growers save resources, and know before you go during harvest season.

Get whole-farm insights to help you know before you go

One of the best resources for planning how you’ll approach the year ahead is knowing what worked and what didn’t in years past. Maybe you faced different weed or disease pressures than you anticipated, for example. With precision insights, you can determine which hybrid traits or field management strategies you’ll need to better combat them in the future.

Precision insights also allow you to make more informed comparisons when you try something new. If you’re looking to test a new herbicide but don’t want to commit until you’ve seen how it works for yourself, you can test it on one field—or a few—and view in-depth, side-by-side comparisons throughout the season.

Combine surprises are never fun, but with Taranis you have the full-season story of your growers’ farms and fields so you can know before you go in the fall and look back when planning for future seasons.

Know what’s needed for next season

Your growers trust you to provide them with the right inputs for their challenges. During the year, this means applying the right inputs exactly where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

Precision insights from Taranis crop intelligence can help you determine what inputs you’ll need for next season and help improve crop yields. As input availability continues to be a top-of-mind concern, you can make informed decisions about what your growers will need by looking back at the biggest and most common challenges they’ve faced in recent seasons.

Visit to discover how Taranis crop intelligence can improve your year-round planning and schedule a demo today.

Taranis is committed to protecting the future of agriculture prosperity by advancing the way we work. We do that with a firm focus on helping retailers, advisors, and agronomists demonstrate value for their customers and build better relationships. Through full-service, leaf-level data capture, you get faster decision making, smarter use of resources, and higher profitability. With Taranis, advisors can have detailed, easy-to-digest insights from their customers’ acres delivered directly to them—anywhere at any time. For those who want to be a leader in their field and lead the way to more opportunities in our communities, it’s time for Taranis.