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Paraquat Dichloride Training for Certified Applicators

Dec 13 2019

ARA is concerned about the trend taking place with the removal of important pesticide products from the marketplace and additional label restrictions that narrow the scope of ag retail employees. As required by EPA’s Paraquat Dichloride Human Health Mitigation Decision and amended paraquat dichloride (a.k.a. paraquat) product labels, certified applicators must successfully complete an EPA-approved training program before mixing, loading, and/or applying paraquat.

The training provides important information about paraquat’s toxicity, new label requirements and restrictions, and the consequences of misuse. To use paraquat products, you must be a certified applicator. In addition, paraquat-specific training is required by new paraquat labels and must be completed prior to using products with the new labeling. All paraquat labels are expected to include a link to the training by Fall 2019.

For state-specific requirements, contact your state lead pesticide agency. To find the contact information for your state lead pesticide agency, see the National Pesticide Information Center’s webpage on state pesticide regulatory agencies.

The training must be completed every three years to maintain certification.