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Provysol Fungicide Receives Label Updates

Feb 09 2021

Provysol® fungicide, powered by Revysol® fungicide, the first and only isopropanol-azole on the market, has recently received EPA and state approvals for updates to its label including:

  • Reduced Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) to seven days for sugarbeets 
  • Suppression of powdery mildew in sugarbeets 
  • Approval for use in-furrow in sugarcane  
  • Addition of fruiting vegetables and cucurbits 
  • Reduced plant back interval restrictions to zero days for rotational crops including cotton, rice, sunflowers, alfalfa and onions 

Provysol fungicide has been registered since 2019 for use on sugarbeets, potatoes, peanuts, legume vegetables, canola and citrus.   

To learn more, talk with your local BASF representative and for more information, click here. Provysol fungicide may not be registered for use in all states. 

Always read and follow label directions. Provysol and Revysol are registered trademarks of BASF.