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ARA Applauds UN Food Summit Engagement by USDA

Aug 10 2021

ARA is one of several national associations working on the upcoming United Nations Food Systems Summit. Alongside other like-minded organizations, ARA has offered input to the U.S. government and has exchanged information with peers in Brazil, Canada and Australia who are also monitoring the Summit. Many expect certain interests in Europe to try to leverage the Summit into expanding the European Union (EU) Farm to Fork initiative, which is hostile to many modern agricultural practices and the tools that are necessary to feed the world.

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the lead agency from the U.S. led by Dr. Jewel Bronaugh, USDA deputy secretary. USDA released its positions for the Summit yesterday, and they are a strong endorsement of scientific research, innovation, and regulations based on scientific risk assessment rather than hazards, the value of trade, reducing food waste, and functioning markets.

The positions also point to how regulatory frameworks not based on science hinder innovation and call on the Summit to not demonize particular foods as “bad” or promote one-size-fits-all solutions.

ARA is very pleased with USDA’s position statements and engagement leading up to the September Summit and will continue to keep its members updated.

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