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Growing Farms of the Future: Using Smart Tech in Smarter Ways

Jul 18 2020

Growers today face greater challenges than any previous generation. As they work to meet food demand across the world, access to cutting edge technology is becoming more important. The gradual evolution of crop management practices has led growers to transition from manual processes to utilizing smart tech to manage their fields. “Before the tech, you had to walk every inch of the field. You had to generalize, which led to over application of pesticides,” said Mr. William Richardson, Director of Training and Development for Proagrica.

The benefits of today’s technology touch every aspect of farming operations. “With more successful fields, more land is utilized. And fewer chemicals, which is better for the environment and the consumers. Ultimately, doing what is optimally needed for the land is a win-win for everybody,” said Mr. Richardson.

From improving daily operations and finances, to enhancing time management and cutting down on man-hours for training, you can see improvements in operations and efficiencies. For agronomists and growers, the access to data and the ability to use crop analysis technology has opened new doors.

Because of the growing focus on technology, the ag industry is now seeing increased use of precision ag tools, such as remote sensors, grid sampling, global position systems and geographical information systems, variable rate technology, auto-guidance equipment and proximate sensors technology. With these new tools, also comes a new set of challenges and opportunities.


  • The growing need for ag education at all levels of the industry
  • Understanding which tech can help and which is just hype


  • Looking at long-term data to make predictions and more informed buying decisions
  • Taking advantage of the enhanced ability to make more profitable, environmentally friendly decisions
  • The option to take action in real-time

Looking forward, growers must partner with tech companies and agronomists who understand these opportunities and challenges. The smart technology brings limitless possibilities, but requires the willingness to invest in education, to accept change and to develop new skills. Growers who take advantage of the opportunities, and find partners to support them in overcoming the challenges, will lead the way for the next generation.

Learn more about the evolution of tech in agriculture, and how agronomists and growers can work together using tools like Sirrus to drive better yields and profits.