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Seed Investment Helps Farmers End Challenging Season on Positive Note

Nov 14 2019

Seed investment helps farmers end challenging season on positive note

Early harvest results find NK® corn and soybeans from Syngenta outyielding competitors on farms across the country

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill., USA, Nov. 14, 2019 – After a growing season that was predictable only in its unpredictability, harvest is finding NK® corn and soybeans from Syngenta offering farmers much-needed stability – delivering winning yields in fields across the U.S.

NK hybrids and varieties combine the latest in seed technology with top-of-the-line genetics, producing crops that withstand some of the biggest in-field challenges. Even in a tumultuous year, characteristics like broad adaptibility and disease tolerance have helped NK growers maintain maximum return on investment.

“The unpredictability of growing seasons like this one drive NK breeders to develop corn and soybean seeds that can deliver value for the farmer regardless of Mother Nature,” said Jim Shertzer, head of NK marketing. “Innovation has been at the core of our brand for 135 years, but we don’t innovate for innovation’s sake – we innovate so that farmers can maximize their profit potential no matter what. Farmers are telling us those efforts are paying off.”

Genetic gain drives corn yields

No other brand of corn has experienced genetic gain over the past decade like NK has. Early harvest results show that’s translating to bushels per acre (bu/A) in the field, with NK corn beating key competitors in the Corn Belt and beyond. For example:

  • In South Dakota and Minnesota, NK0243-5122 E-Z Refuge® brand outyielded DeKalb hybrids by 10.7 bu/A across 43 comparisons and Pioneer hybrids by 7.3 bu/A across 40 comparisons.
  • In South Dakota and Minnesota, NK0243-3120 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded DeKalb hybrids by 7.5 bu/A and Pioneer hybrids by 5.1 bu/A in 145 comparisons.
  • NK0472-5122 E-Z Refuge brand outyielded Pioneer hybrids by 16.5 bu/A in 22 northwestern Iowa comparisons.

These numbers came as no surprise to Joe Bollman, NK corn product manager, who noted that the latest NK corn advancement class outyielded DeKalb® and Pioneer® hybrids by 4.9 bu/A and 1.2 bu/A, respectively, in prelaunch trials.1

“What we’re seeing this fall confirms what we’ve known for some time: The reinvigorated NK corn portfolio is second to none,” Bollman said. “The combination of leading genetics and advanced traits like Agrisure Duracade® and Agrisure Viptera® – offering premium above- and below-ground insect control – is empowering farmers across the U.S. to maximize the value of their corn crop.”

For 2020, Syngenta is equipping NK growers with a number of innovations, including 17 new hybrids. The company also has been rolling out a new digital platform – the NK Seed Analyzer – to help retailers and farmers optimize their seed selections. Powered by almost two decades of data, the NK Seed Analyzer enables proactive planning for weather volatility, soil variability and planting specifications by showing actual results from numerous sources.

Additionally, NK retailers in select locations will sell Enogen® corn, unique hybrids that add value for farmers who produce grain or silage for livestock feed or market grain to ethanol plants. Four new Enogen hybrids are available for the 2020 growing season.

Soybeans stay strong

NK corn wasn’t alone in helping farmers this year, as NK soybeans continued to build on a reputation of consistently strong yields. For example:

  • S14-U9X brand had strong showings in several areas. The variety has outyielded Asgrow products by 4.1 bu/A in 19 Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota comparisons, 1.8 bu/A in 58 South Dakota & western Minnesota comparisons, and 1.6 bu/A in 12 Upper Midwest comparisons.
  • S28-E3 brand outyielded all Asgrow varieties by 5.2 bu/A across 45 comparisons in southern and eastern Nebraska, and Pioneer varieties by 6 bu/A across 18 comparisons in the same area.
  • S35-E3 brand also delivered solid performance in southern and eastern Nebraska, with a 4.4 bu/A yield advantage over Pioneer varieties and a 2.8 bu/A advantage over Asgrow varieties.

“Yet again, NK soybeans are coming out on top,” said Eric Miller, NK soybeans product manager. “With more than 50 years of advanced soybean breeding focused on delivering the best genetics with strong defensive traits, it’s no surprise that NK keeps delivering high yields year after year.”

Growers of NK soybeans are benefiting from a Syngenta commitment to accelerate innovation that addresses increasing challenges across agriculture and the environment. Supported by Syngenta, NK is investing in technologies that matter to bring about positive, lasting change for more sustainable agriculture.

For NK soybeans, this investment in innovation is translating to a 2020 portfolio that sets the standard for soybean trait choice. The 68 new varieties available for next growing season include Enlist E3™ soybeans, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® and LibertyLink® GT27™, empowering farmers with the industry’s broadest choice of herbicide traits to manage tough-to-control weeds in their fields.

For more information and local yield results, visit or speak to a local NK retailer. Join the conversation online – connect with Syngenta at and follow #NKSeeds #Harvest19 on Twitter for the latest updates.

1 MyYield – 2018 Syngenta internal trials, Dec. 1, 2018


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